Stab Wound

Stab Wound -- Synopsis


Ninth-grader Nicole Marone’s idyllic life is torn apart when her brother, Tony, is mysteriously kidnapped, assaulted, stabbed and loses a kidney.  Unable to pay the medical bills, her family is split up trying to make ends meet. Nicole swears revenge.

Years later, Nicole meets a urology resident, Paul Roberts. Paul meets Tony and ascertains that his incision would never be used to treat a kidney stab wound. When Nicole finds that all of Tony’s records have disappeared, Paul believes that the kidney had been removed for transplantation. With clear realization that very powerful and angry forces would quickly respond to any investigation, the dangerous search begins. 


Dr. James Gottesman has done it again with another thriller, Stab Wound. This is a page-turner that can't be put down from the first page to the end of the book. You will develop empathy with the protagonist, Nicole Marone, and you will certainly look forward to his next novel.  NB