Can't Forget

Brief Synopsis

The themes are struggle and redemption and the unique juxtaposition of a damaged surgeon and a slowly dying, young psychologist.

Hayley, a young successful psychologist’s life unravels when presented with a diagnosis of leukemia, without a compatible donor. Ben, a surgical resident fighting post-traumatic stress, with utter disdain for psychologists, saves Hayley’s life.  

Hayley, seeing no hope for her own future, points out Ben’s fears, which he ignores. She then detests him when he’s unable control his emotions. 

Ben soon realizes that she had been the only one who could sense his issues and deeper cries for help. 

With time running out for Hayley, Ben pursues her, until they understand each offers the other redemption and meaning.


Your writing has a fluidity that makes you want to keep reading. It has been really difficult to put down your book even when I know I have too, you just think one more chapter. I do love your characterization and description when setting a scene. 

You also made me cry twice which doesn't happen when I read. I enjoy characters but don't normally invest in them -


It has been a long time that a book has moved me to tears like this one did. It grabs your interest from the first chapter and then you can’t put it down.