James Gottesman - Author

    My third book is coming soon --


     Can't Forget

                             ((So new, I don't have a for-sure cover yet!!))

                   Hayley Green's life is on edge, not knowing how long she might live.

                    Ben Hunt's life is over the edge. But try as he might, he can't get back.

                    Sheer coincidence brings them together.

                    Sheer courage and determination saves both....or does it.

                   You won't be able to put it down.


    First book received incredible reviews --

     The Road Back Isn't Straight

                   Funny, poignant and rich with compelling characters,

                   The Road Back Isn' t Straight is an engrossing tale

                   of deep sorrow and salvation

        Reviews from Amazon.....

                   This story grabs you from the beginning and really makes

                   you care about the characters. I really enjoyed the book!

                   By Fletch

                   This is a page-turner. Dr. Gottesman has a gift for story telling

                   and character development. I am eagerly awaiting his next book.

                   By BK


    Second book received even better reviews --

     The Search of Grace

                   Grace Grace Pine's life is not easy.

                   Raised in a Montana orphanage, she is tormented that no one wanted her.

                   Incredibly, Grace stumbles onto obscure clues about her family.

                    From there, a search for her roots begins, a search that will test her

                    endurance and courage.

                    Riveting but tender, The Search of Grace will captivate you

                    from the first page.

        Reviews from Amazon.....

                   This is the second book of his that I've read. Both books have been great stories.

                   In fact, i was reading "In Search of Grace" on a recent flight and I had about 20%

                   to go when we started our descent. It was one of only two times in my life that

                   I wished the flight was a little longer so i could finish the book. Really good

                   stories...look forward to another book

                   By LB

                   Author Jim Gottesman writes another great story. An interesting story of a woman's

                  search for her personal history, demonically taken and hidden from her by people she never

                   knew. A must read. Gottesman develops both his story and his characters very well.

                   By CS


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