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                   Can't Forget


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Hayley Green, a big city psychologist, is young, educated, smart, beautiful and satisfied.

She is about to learn how quickly life can change.

Ben Hunt is a young talented surgeon. He cannot escape the demons of death from his childhood

and two tours in the Marine Corps.

Their lives cross in most unusual circumstances

and both take an uneasy path to find meaning in their lives.

                    First Review of Can't Forget

                   Your writing has a fluidity that makes you want to keep reading.

                    It has been really difficult to put down your book even

                    when I know I have too, you just think one more chapter. I do

                    love your characterisation and description when setting a scene.

                    You also made me cry twice which doesn't happen when I read. I

                    enjoy characters but don't normally invest in them -


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                   The Search of Grace


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In 1971, an eighteen month-old girl, identity unknown, is abandoned at a Montana orphanage. The orphanage randomly names her Grace. To ensure that she will never find her origins, Grace's life will be silently manipulated by her mother's wealthy and powerful east coast family.

At eighteen, after two failed and traumatic adoptions, she leaves the

orphanage, emotionally scarred, and arrives in Seattle three years later. Working in a medical library, Grace meets a young surgical resident who sees past her emotional barricades and provides her a measure of security to help navigate through the trench warfare of posttraumatic fear.

Grace flourishes, despite her mother's family's intrusions. She then stumbles onto her deceased father's family, none of whom knew she existed. Grace's subsequent search for mother will test her endurance and courage.

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                   The author develops a story that continues to build on itself. Grace who has suffered many disappointments in her early years finally meets someone who will not disappoint her. It is not often that I spend hours reading. As the story builds I could wait to get to the next series of events that impact Grace's future. My congratulations to Jim Gottesman for his superb story telling.

                   By BW

                   A must read. Grabs you from the start. Heartfelt and gut wrenching! Couldn't put it down, and you won't either!

                   By MS


Cover photography Model: Ellie Gottesman, Photography by Grace Gottesman Photography.

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                   The Road Back Isn't Straight


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Emma Braza has aspirations, and the talent, to stay in the family wine business. She feels that she has the world on a string. She doesn't realize that string can snap so quickly, so easily.

After a horrifying personal trial that shakes the foundations of her existence, Emma's fears and notoriety prevent her from developing relationships. She encounters a young surgical resident who is coerced by Emma's roommate to help Emma navigate through recovery.

In time, the young surgeon is able to overlook Emma's past, when no one else will. Their bond is tested by her family's bigotry and she is forced into making lose-lose life decisions.

Funny, poignant and rich with compelling characters, The Road Back Isn't Straight is an remarkable tale of deep sorrow and salvation.

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Customer Reviews of The Road Back Isn't Straight (Amazon Reviews) Click here to read all reviews.

                   This story grabs you from the beginning and really makes you care about the characters. I really enjoyed the book!

                   By Fletch

                   This is a page-turner. Dr. Gottesman has a gift for story telling and character development. I am eagerly awaiting his next book.

                   By BK


Cover photography Model: Tara Graham, Photography by DBG, RainyDay Photography.

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Thanks again, JG

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