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Who am I?...

James Gottesman M.D. is a Urological Oncologist who has been writing most of his adult life. He has authored more that a 100 scientific papers, medical book chapters, research grants, operative consent forms, and computer programs written in BASIC and HTML.

The Road Back Isn't Straight, published in 2012, was his first foray into fiction and received excellent reviews.

The Search of Grace, published in February, 2014, met with equal success.

Can't Forget, published in September, 2016.

In my own words.....

"One of my great pleasures in life has been to tell stories. Initially to my sons at bedtime. I'd make up fictional characters, always heroic, and the stories would just come to me as I told them. At then end of each story, the heroes morphed into each of the children. Alas, the boys grew up.

More recently, I started again to tell stories. This time to my grandchildren. Grace, the oldest of the three, pleaded with me to write the stories down. I finally did, although The Road Back Isn't Straight, The Search of Grace and Can't Forget are not a stories I would have told the girls...at least not yet.

I graduated from UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco Medical Center and did my Urology training at UCLA. I was a Clinical Professor of Urology at the University of Washington.

I live on Mercer Island, Washington, with my wife, Gloria, and dog, Biscuit. I play golf and will try to travel as much of the world as I can.

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